Monday, May 12, 2014

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Atopic Dermatitis or Eczema as it is otherwise known, is an awful condition and NO child should have to suffer from it. This blog was created with the intent to help as many parents as possible.

This is my last post on this blog, as I have now covered all the various changes we have made in our lives and as to what helped us completely resolve our son's health issue. 

We share this with you all because apparently 20% of the world population are afflicted with AD, especially in developed nations. What was 3% in the 1950s, is today 23% and growing - rather alarming - so decided to share our experience with it.

I have no medical background and this should not be taken as such. I can only speak from our own experiences and what worked for our boy. 

Please feel free to share this blog. If there are any questions, I will try my best to answer it. You can leave a comment or reach me at:

Update: 27.07.2015

Now it is over a year since I wrote this blog. My son has not had another attack since. This summer he had his introductory swim course, which meant hours in the pool (chlorine+water) & he handled it just fine. YaY!! Our lives are back on track again!!!

The one key observation we have made is that of all the changes we have made - all of it matters, but the inclusion of zinc in his diet was the most vital.

Update: 16.09.2016

Now it's more than two years and my boy continues to be absolutely fine. No special routines the past year - no rice starch in his bath water; normal cleaning around the house; no slathering of oil twice a day, etc.. We are back to leading our lives as usual. But what we have stuck to religiously, is what we eat. We did try to see if he can cope with outside food for a longer length of time - maybe just one meal a day which was non-organic/ non-bio. At about two weeks he started to react again. He does fine with breaking the routine every now and then. It is very obvious now, it is all the artificial additives/ preservatives/ chemicals that go into the food and in production before finally making it's way into our kitchens - eg: all the Es in today's food ( that trigger it. 

Here is a TED talk by Dr Katherine Reid... 

It is all about the food really!

Update: 30.08.2017

This blog has had more than 100,000 reads from 31 countries the past three years. Majority of the hits are from U.S. & Germany, a distant second from Russia, followed by U.K., France, India, Austria, Canada, Singapore, Australia.... Sadly it is clearly a worldwide issue.

I won't be making further updates going forward, as the changes have clearly eliminated this health issue for my boy - a child who was diagnosed as on the very high-end of the spectrum of allergic reaction. His allergy has disappeared post our implementing some basic changes - which is what we eat! I am truly hoping that my readers have had the same success that we have had!